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TOPTOU is a fishing magazine published in Japan.Please note that the magazine is written in Japanese.It is hard for us to translate into English since some expressions are used only in Japanese fishing industry. If you still like to read it, we are happy to ship to your country.

For international shipping, please state the number of books you would like to order and fill the form then click send button below. After receiving order information, we will get back to you with total price, estimated time of arrival and PayPal link.

TOPTOU vol.22 to vol.33 are now available for shipping.

Payment method:Paypal.

**ATTENTION Please read and confirm the below before ordering**
We will ship the magazines via Japanese post office. It may take some time to be delivered to your you. We are not responsible for accidents, damage or loss during transportation. In case of such an accident, we will not refund or reship the items.

EXAMPLE of shipping cost and estimated time of arrival.
Shipping 2 books to TEXAS, USA: The shipping cost is 3,900 Japanese yen and it takes approximately 7 days for delivery.

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